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Alexander Z. Mehta


President & CEO

Alexander is a dynamic creative brand leader, team builder, and specialty sales veteran with deep roots in finance. Serving in critical C-level leadership roles, he has led strategy and execution across all company channels. Alexander's unique ability to understand the big picture while never missing the subtle details is a critical factor in OneCedar's success as a company and our brand popularity with customers. 


Michael M. Mehta


Senior Vice President, Operations

Michael brings significant operational leadership experience to OneCedar. He has a proven track record of leading high performance teams. His diverse blend of office, field and analytics experience give him a unique ability to solve complex problems with innovative, customer-focused solutions. Michael has managed operations across multiple sectors, giving him skills that perfectly translate to growing organizations in a newly emerging industry. His unmatched experience in identifying and supporting developing business opportunities is ideal for evolving the industry and will be instrumental in expanding our operations.  


David J. Goldenberg

Vice President, Sales

Dave is an experienced marketing executive with proven leadership in building multi-faceted teams that deliver world class results. Dave is known for having a keen sense of ever-changing consumer wants. His ability to understand consumer trends and create huge growth brings additional innovative edge to OneCedar. 


Arjun Kapoor

Vice President, Sales

With vast experience in finance and operations, Arjun is an industry veteran with a results-oriented focus. He is known for his agility in fast-paced environments and building high performing teams. His extensive knowledge of industry operations will be central to the growth of OneCedar. 


Bradley Beaumont

General Manager

Bradley is a strategic, result oriented leader with a passion for developing people and executing key processes brought into place. Bradley has led cost effective and efficient expansion into emerging markets. His extensive "get the the job done" attitude has made him an invaluable addition to the OneCedar leadership team.